Beads as provisions for the grave

 Beads as provisions for the grave The beads were often found in a stone tomb or together with human bones with a jar and other tools. In this case, the beads serve as provisions for the grave, so they are placed next to a person's body when he is buried. The beads, which in public life also function as a repellent for reinforcements, are probably expected to be able to dispel bad things in the body of the owner after leaving this world. In addition, it is possible to give beads as grave provisions to maintain the social status of the corpse in nature after death. Thus, people in the prehistoric era were familiar with religious life and believed in the existence of other life or activities after death. وكثيرا ما وجدت الخرزات في مقبرة حجرية أو مع عظام بشرية مع جرة وأدوات أخرى. في هذه الحالة ، تكون الخرزات بمثابة احتياطات للقبر ، فتوضع بجوار جسد الإنسان عند دفنه. من المتوقع أن تكون الخرزات ، التي تعمل أيضًا في الحياة العامة كطارد للتعزيزات ، قادرة على تبديد الأشياء السيئة في جسم الما